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Photo of Yonic by Bryony Jade Throup. Article By Kirsty Folan, 13 July 2019.

With her debut album, Lips Unsealed, Bath based DIY anti-folk singer-songwriter, Yonic, provides off-curriculum sex education in the form of explicit songs from a feminist perspective. Completely unfazed by taboos and social norms, Yonic covers the most explicit and taboo topics from ‘Smelly Fannies’ to ‘Anal Sex’ on this album. Even the album art is gloriously vulgar and features a colourful Pop Art illustration of a vulva.

The opening track, ‘Bush’ is essentially a love song to pubic hair and educates anyone who has never shaved about the sensitivity of the skin and the discomfort of removing hair. It highlights the expectations placed on women and men by society with regard to the removal of pubic hair and celebrates the ‘lady jungle’. This is not the only mention of pubic hair on the album; Yonic personifies her armpit hair in track ‘Armpit’ which acts as an apology for shaving to meet the expectations of others. She makes a promise to her hair, “I’ll never shave you / And you’ll always be there / And we’ll be happy because we won’t care.”

In a Guardian article, Alex MK argues that pubic hair styles are not a feminist issue, but instead are about fashion and profit and are heavily influenced by the porn industry. The porn industry is beginning to feature more models with pubic hair but Alex MK rejects the idea that this is progress and describes it as an “inverted retrogress” as models are asked if they can grow more hair to appeal to a niche market. According to actor Arabelle Raphael, we would start to see more women with leg and armpit hair if the resurgence of pubic hair was to do with feminism and body positivity, but this is very rarely seen in porn.

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