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Carys Calling Interview: Honest

"I have been settling with Carys Calling…as she tells me about the new single, Honest. The songwriter talks about the track’s story and which artists inspired her to get into music; relocating and moving to a new city; which three albums are especially dear to her – I was keen to know whether there are gigs coming up.Carys Calling discusses the importance of being on stage and connecting with people; what upcoming artists should remember; whether she gets time to chill and unwind; which rising talent we need to get behind – I discover which recent musical moment is most ‘memorable’ to the songwriter.

Tell me about your new single, Honest, and how it came together. When did it start life?

Honest began one rainy November afternoon a few years ago when I still lived in Newcastle. I was living alone and in a new relationship that was quickly fading. The late-night talks blurred into silence, while the noise between the sheets continued. I was feeling emptiness and fireworks at the same time, clinging onto that feeling.

The sparks burned out and careless words were pouring out. I never released it but always hoped to. The production on it by my producer Tom Cory has just brought it to life in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I’m so proud of what it has become.

How did ‘Carys Calling’ start life? When did you get into music?

I’ve been singing since I was young and constantly wrote lyrics from eight-years-old, that were more like poems, throughout school. I wrote my first vocal melody when I was twenty-one; then Carys Calling took shape in 2015 when I released Soaked My Skin. I grew up listening to ABBA. My mum would play it when we baked together and my brothers would blast Eminem. Quite a mixture!

We didn’t have a T.V. until I was twelve but we had videos so I would watch Friends. I remember the scene where Rachel is looking out the window when it’s pouring with raining and she’s upset with Ross; With or Without You by U2 is playing. I got the biggest lump in my throat and remember what an impact it had on me. I have always had such a crush on music with visuals".

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