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Updated: Jul 14, 2020

At what point did your artwork come together to make your jewelry brand


While I was at uni studying Illustration - living mostly on my student loan and wasting it mostly on going out - I would always get savvy with earrings to add some pzazz to my boring wardrobe. I used anything I could find in my art and craft supplies to make the most bright and colourful statement earrings. Then while out and about in Bristol so many people would comment on them that I decided to no longer hog them all to myself and start selling. The brand came a few months later when more people seemed to be interested and I realised that I adored making things for other people, maybe even more so than I love drawing! 

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Describe your artwork in 5 words

I would describe my artwork as vibrant, lively, experimental, eclectic and bold!

Where can we buy your products?

Etsy and also through my instagram - i’ve recently set up a cute little gift card through insta which enables you to purchase a custom made pair of hoops for yourself or as a gift!!

Is there anything going on in the world right now that is fueling your creativity?

I don’t often create any work to do with current issues as I find inspiration more in patterns and nature but the current black lives matter movement has really struck a cord with me. it's made me realise that I have always been inspired by black culture from growing up in kenya, and I need to show that connection more visibly in my work and show my appreciation and support. 

A lot of kenyan art work, textiles and jewellery is based around pattern and/or colour - my two fave things, and the culture has taught me that anything can be used creatively; anything can be recycled or somehow transformed into a beautiful creation worth sharing. kenya and black culture has and always will fuel my creativity and help me to think outside of the box.

Are there any other independent jewelry brands that you are inspired by right now?

i’m inspired by such a broad range of independent brands since my work and creative desires are very multidisciplinary - my brand right now is mostly earrings but i am hoping to expand and bring in other funky creations. currently I am loving @pinkmoondesigns @maggie_cross @kjplumb @paperprintandpencil @earthtolane @amyhastingstextiles and 

...I could literally go on forever and list WAY more, but this talented bunch show perfectly the array of disciplines that i'm inspired by - I not only adore their products but their immense creative abilities and originality

How has COVID affected your practice?

COVID19 has had a rollercoaster of affects on me and my practice, the time off working while still being supported by furlough has been great for my creativity and brand - I’ve been able to solely focus on it and get my juices flowing probably more than ever! And it has made me realise how much I long to always have the time to do my own thing and use my creativity to make things for others to enjoy.

I’ve found a love for drawing again (this very quickly disappeared when I finished my degree last year), have a new found confidence in my work and abilities and on top of all have found inspiration from the amazing creative community who have really shown support and solidarity through this weird and scary time.

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