I'm a digital freelance photographer based in Bristol, UK. I specialise in portraiture, artist promotions and commercial photography.



Adobe proficient

Art Direction


Branding Identity


Bryony Jade Photography 




2014-17 - BA Hons, Bath Spa University Photography




2020 Rising Arts Agency #WhoseFurture  

2017 - 'Semper Femia' - 44ad Artspace: A collection of images that show the female gaze and convey themes of gender and identity. Series of work displayed with Clare Krige.

2017 Bath Spa Final Degree show: Photography




Ongoing clients including: 



Range of work and curated images for multiple album covers as feminist comedian and musican.  

Barny B 

Created a series of album covers and social media promotional material including headshots and lifestyle images for a renowned DJ in Southwest UK.

Carys Calling

Broad range of work for social platforms, website and photographed album covers.




2017 / 2019 Glastonbury Artist Liaison (Assistant and support) 

Duties included developing and implementing creative and innovative strategies for utilizing the organizations relationship and wellbeing of an artist. Working within the office, checking in on artists and managing their wellbeing whilst on site at the Acoustic stage. Additional support in set designing and interior building for the Greenroom.


2016 - Tech support, Magenta Star. Live social photography events help.

As an assistant for the seasonal period my role involved handling money and operating the till booking system, helping organize placement and decoration of the space and keeping customers happy during longer queue durations. This expanded to include technical support with camera equipment/ photo printing software. I dealt with children of all ages on a daily basis, keeping them happy and entertained whilst queuing.


2015 - 17 Lighting Studio Technician Bath Spa University 

Undertook range of duties as Studio Technician including tutoring photography students across 2nd/3rd year degree students, ensuring health and safety guidelines were followed. I was accountable as a key holder for the studios and equipment- including cameras and flash kits.




2020 - ongoing: Anna Falcke Collection 

Curating and producing stock and lifestyle imagery for Anna Falcke’s range of knitted accessories, maintaining photographs and ensuring optimal quality for all projects.


2019 - Glitter Palace 

Curating and photographing a Halloween collection for Glitter Palace. The company stocks its own brand of biodegradable glitter is now available on the clothing retail company The collaboration involved working with a make-up artist and a team of models photographed in a studio space. This shoot involved making work including several models in images


2018-19 - Oxfam Online Shop Photographer 

Duties involved preparing clothing stock to be photographed in a studio, managing the online shop sales and uploading and pricing stock images, enabling used clothing appear presentable and more appealing to fundraise for Oxfam Charity.


2016 - 17 44ad Artspace 

Curation and installation support of project team at 44ad Artspace in Bath.




Spike Island: Gallery Volunteer

Student Ambassador Bath Spa University




‘#WhoseFuture’ book publication 2020


'Honies' Zine Publication 2017 

Photography featured in The F Word


'Stroud News and Journal' Sink the Pink


Songs of Youth’ 2017 book Publication


 My work embodies friendship and within it a continuous search for human connection. I cast myself onto my subjects - the energy within the images I make is shared. I want my work to explore women’s vulnerabilities and their sexual powers. The women I photograph are entities of beauty and empowerment; they are in a space where they are not shamed for being exposed or simply themselves. I want my images to act: these women are subjects bursting into a space of their own.


When I connect with my subjects, I see another version of myself and our feelings are shared in the reflection of one another. On a level of solidarity, we connect as women, we become our own muses as we bask in spaces of self-worship and female experience. This collective strength becomes the tool of our female power.


I see my work as a documentation of my friends throughout their youth. I want the women I photograph to be seen for who they are and for them to express this in the way they are comfortable with, rather than at the view of a low quality smartphone ‘selfie’. I want my images to appear beautiful and seduce the viewer into the idea of a new gaze and shape how women are looked at by others in society.